Former DC president Diane Nelson praises ‘Joker’: This is what DC should’ve been doing since Nolan

Earlier this summer, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson left Warner Bros. after working there for 22 years. Now, Nelson is back on social media as just a fan, and she had nothing but praise for the Joker video that was released over the weekend that showed Joaquin Phoenix’s camera test.

“LOVE IT! Great story, great actor, specific and string vision from talented director,” Nelson said on her verified Twitter account. “What DC should have been doing since Nolan. Even if die hard fans struggle with his vision. Good movies are good movies.”

When a fan suggested that Nelson’s tweet was putting down Zack Snyder and his DCEU, she shot that theory down.

Historically, DC execs have had little to no influence on the DC movies that Warner Bros. makes. For the first time in 22 years, Nelson can speak her mind publicly and let fans know how she really feels.

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