‘Wonder Woman 1984’ rumor: Here’s how Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor comes back from the dead

Ever since Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins released an image confirming that Chris Pine would be back as Steve Trevor, fans have been wondering “how?”. After all, he died in the first the movie. Now, SuperBroMovies claims to have the answer as to how Steve Trevor comes back from the dead. If their report is true, this would obviously be a major spoiler. Read on if you choose…

SuperBroMovies says that Pedro Pascal’s businessman character is just a disguise. He’s really an evil god, and strikes a deal with Wonder Woman. If she helps him, he’ll bring back the love of her life: Steve Trevor. But there’s a twist. Apparently he doesn’t come back as the Steve Trevor she knew and loved in Wonder Woman. This time Trevor takes on the “fish out of water” role, and has no idea what’s going on.

Update 09/26/18: SuperBroMovies has updated their article. They say that while Pedro Pascal was playing a god in an earlier version of the script, he will be playing DC villain Maxwell Lord in the actual movie. He does try to become a god in the movie’s plot, and that may be how he gets the power to bring back Steve Trevor.

Assuming this rumor is true, do you think it’s a good way to bring Steve Trevor back from the dead in Wonder Woman 1984? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: SuperBroMovies