Zack Snyder confirms he planned on killing Batman in a ‘Justice League’ sequel

Earlier this year, concept artist Jay Oliva confirmed that Zack Snyder’s DCEU was originally a five part story. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League 1, Justice League 2, with a fifth movie to wrap it all up. Not much is known about what that fifth movie would’ve looked like, but now Snyder has revealed a very juicy detail.

A fan on Vero shared a photo of Superman holding a dead Batman, similar to the iconic moment from the “Final Crisis #6” comic by Grant Morrison (pictured above). “What we may have seen in the 5 story arc…” the fan captioned the photo. Zack Snyder replied with “of course”, confirming that he indeed planned on killing Batman in one of his Justice League sequels.

Oliva described Snyder’s original five DC movie plan as “epic, grand, emotional, joyful and unforgettable…,” and killing off Batman certainly would’ve checked off all of those boxes.

Would you have liked to see Snyder fulfill his five movie DCEU, which would’ve included killing off Batman? Or are you glad that things didn’t go in that direction? Share your thoughts in the comments below!