New ‘Gotham’ trailer released; Batman and Bane confirmed for season 5

Some huge Gotham news just broke during a panel at New York Comic-Con. It was announced that Batman will be making an appearance in the fifth and final season, set to debut in early 2019 on FOX. Bane will also be making his debut, played by Shane West.

According to TVLine, West’s Bane will start off as Eduardo Dorrance, who served alongside Jim Gordon in the Army. Dorrance returns to Gotham and offers to help Gordon bring law and order to the crime-ridden metropolis with a team of elite soldiers. But Gordon soon realizes that “Dorrance’s true intentions in Gotham are much darker and more evil than he could have believed.”

And spoiler alert… it was also announced that in Gotham, Bane will break Alfred’s back — not Batman’s.

The final episode of Gotham will take place 10 years later, paving the way for the Dark Knight’s debut.

A new Gotham trailer was also released, which recaps the previous seasons and ends with a first look at footage from season 5. Check it out above!

SOURCE: TVLine, Deadline