Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke movie never went beyond initial meetings with director Gareth Evans

About a year ago, we heard that The Raid director Gareth Evans was in talks to direct Joe Manganiello in his own Deathstroke movie. In a new interview with, Evans confirmed those talks but admitted that things never really progressed after those initial conversations.

“I had a phone call which I think was publicized a bit, about Deathstroke with DC. We talked about that before, we had a few conversations,” Evans confirmed. “One of the guys at DC and at Warner Brothers, one with Joe, who has been on the character for some time now, who is super passionate about that character, by the way. I’ve never met anyone who knows more about their character.”

“Nothing really went beyond those conversations. I haven’t heard anything for a really long time,” Evans admitted. “To be honest, every time I see an article written I keep wanting to ask, ‘Okay, what is it you guys know that I don’t know?’ Because I haven’t heard anything for a good while yet. So I don’t know if that will ever come back full circle at some point. But I know I haven’t had any conversation about that project for a long time now.”

This past summer, Manganiello assured fans that the Deathstroke movie is still “in the works”, so perhaps they’re talking to a different director at this time.

Do you still want to see Joe Manganiello in his own Deathstroke movie? Are you disappointed that Evans doesn’t appear to be involved anymore? Let me know in the comments below.