‘Joker’ cast adds young Bruce Wayne and Alfred

Ever since Brett Cullen was cast as Thomas Wayne in Joker, fans have been wondering what it meant for Bruce Wayne. Today, we have that answer.

ComicBook.com is reporting that Dante Pereira-Olson will play a young Bruce Wayne. I can’t find Pereira-Olson’s age online, but judging by photos he can’t be more than 10-years-old. The site also adds that Douglas Hodge will be playing the Wayne’s famous butler, Alfred. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the news with their own sources.

The inclusion of Bruce Wayne is interesting. When we heard that a 60-year-old Thomas Wayne was going to be in Joker, we didn’t know what age Bruce Wayne would be or if he was even born. Now we know he’ll be around 10 years old.

A scene in Joker is rumored to take place in Wayne Manor, which seems like the perfect place to meet Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred.

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