‘Shazam’ will have 3 weeks of reshoots in November

Shazam wrapped production this past May, but the cast and crew will be heading back to Toronto in November.

Production Weekly says that Shazam is scheduled for three weeks of reshoots, from November 1st through the 18th. And of course the big question on everyone’s mind: will Henry Cavill’s Superman be a part of them?

Last month, it was reported that Cavill and Warner Bros. couldn’t come to terms on a deal for that Shazam cameo, and that the door was closed on any future appearances from Cavill’s Superman. Of course, Cavill’s manager pushed back, giving fans a bit of hope that things weren’t 100% finalized yet. Next month’s Shazam reshoots will be very telling in regards to Cavill’s future as Superman.

As always, stay tuned to Batman News for all the latest. If there’s any news or photos of Cavill on the Shazam set, you’ll hear about it!

SOURCE: Production Weekly