Warner Bros. Ups Production Run on Batman:The Animated Series Blu-ray Set

If you were worried about there being enough of the remastered Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray set to go around, we have some good news for you. Warner Bros. has announced that it has increased the production run to 70,000 units.

“As many fans and media have noticed, Amazon and other notable retailers were forced to suspend sales of Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition due to unprecedented demand for this beloved series,” explained Jeff Brown, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Television, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. “Sales surpassed our initial run of 30,000 limited edition box sets about four weeks ago and, rather than leave so many fans wanting, we implemented new production orders to accommodate the requests for this prized collection. A significant portion of those increased numbers have already sold, and all sites are accepting orders again.”

The set is due to hit stores on Oct. 30 and will include 10 discs, three Funko Pop figures, a collectors book, and more.

If you haven’t ordered already, we suggest you get in there quick!