Gotham Season 5 Proto-Batman Suit Shown Off in New Photos

Gotham season 5 is well into production, and while the focus has been on the unveiling of Bane this week, there is still a large cast we’ve spent the years with.

New behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of Gotham have appeared, and it’s clear there is a lot going on. Some injuries from season 4 appear to be healed. Some new injuries appear to have been inflicted in season 5. But also of note is Bruce (David Mazouz) appears to be upgrading his gear and moving ever close to his full Batman armor.

First, six of the characters we’ve spent four seasons with so far.

Well, clearly not everything is grim behind the scenes.

And then, some lunch in your armor as you never know when you may have to spring into action.

No word as of yet when the final season of Gotham will debut, but we’re expecting it after the start of the year.