Teen Titans GO! Vs Teen Titans Coming in 2019

Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans logo - Teaser Trailer

It would seem that Warner Bros. has something up its sleeve for 2019 that is going to have us scratching out heads for the time being..

A video appeared online this past week for Teen Titans GO! Vs Teen Titans. At first it was thought to be a fan creation, but it has now been confirmed to be authentic and included on the Teen Tians GO! to The Movies home video release on Oct. 30.

What you see is what is known so far about the project. The only other information out there is that whatever the project is will be released some time in 2019.

It’s an intriguing tease to be sure, and the idea of the more slapstick Titans fighting with the more serious Titans is enough to make us anxious to see the results.

Any thoughts on what Warner Bros. could be planning?

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