Rumor: Matt Reeves Batman Film Still Years Away

According to a new rumor, Matt Reeves Batman film – still known as The Batman – won’t hit theaters until 2020 at the earliest, but 2021 seems more likely.

Revenge of the Fans is reporting that Matt Reeves is hoping to start filming his Batman film in either the Spring or Summer of 2019. From there it would seem like 2020 could be a likely release date, but other sources are saying that is a best case scenario and that 2021 seems far more likely.

The other rumor gaining momentum is whether or not Ben Affleck will be the man under the cowl. It seems that talks have occurred for him to continue on in the role, but nothing concrete has materialized as of yet.

At this point with this film we do feel like it will happen but would definitely consider all of it to be in flux from day to day. At some point there will be a new solo Batman film, and we just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

SOURCE: Revenge of the Fans