Gotham Crew Teases the Arrival of “Mr. J” in New Image

Consider us properly creeped out. Ari Margolis has tweeted out an image that definitely implies someone is getting a smile put on their face in Gotham.

It’s fairly obvious it is Cameron Monaghan in the picture, and the razor blade near the mouth definitely implies a cutting may be on the way. But add in the ending hashtag of “MrJ” certainly seems to remove any question of what’s going on in the image.

We now know that Gotham season 5 will premiere on Jan. 3. We also know that it has recently received an expanded episode count for its fifth season from 10 to 12. It sounds like they will need it with Bane coming to town and Jeremiah apparently going full Joker by the end of the season. Add in Bruce making his way towards being Batman and it all adds up to a very busy season that we can’t wait to see!