Kevin Conroy Talks Batman’s Greatest Weapon

When Kevin Conroy speaks, most kids of the 90’s just hear Batman. He’s been involved with the character for over 25 years, so when he talks Batman, we tend to listen. In an interview with, Conroy waxed nostalgic on the character and how a hero created in 1939 somehow remains relevant.

“There’s so many potential variables in the storylines because of the characters,” Conroy says. “The great weapon in Batman is all the villains. They’re crazy. They’re great characters, Joker to Harley Quinn to Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, the villains are such great characters so it makes the storylines limitless, really.”

“Well the wonderful thing about having done The Animated Series is that it was the first Batman animated incarnation, you know?” Conroy said. “So we created the standard for those characters, the voice, and Bruce Timm created the visuals, so it’s wonderful to be on the ground in a creative process like that, setting the standard for it.”

It may not be well known, but Conroy’s Batman: The Animated Series even created one of the more iconic villains in Harley Quinn. The impact the animated series had on the character as a whole is tremendous, and through Conroy’s Batman (and Mark Hamill’s Joker) shaped the way an entire generation thinks of the caped crusader.

* A small note on Conroy’s quote: The New Adventures of Batman cartoon actually came before Batman: The Animated Series by about 15 years.