7 Things to know about Aquaman

With the Aquaman movie now weeks away there’s a renewed interest in the character. His lore is rich, his villains incredibly deep, and his connection to the greater world of DC is strong. As we wait until December 14 (and hope the movie does the character justice) here are 7 things you may not know about Aquaman, one for each week you have to wait.

7. He was raised by dolphins. Like most heroes, his origin story has been rewritten several times, in the original telling, he is the son of a Wizard and the Queen of Atlantis, and was left abandoned on a coral reef. It was there he was found and adopted by the Queen of the Dolphins.

6. He talks to fish… just not how you think. Probably the most widespread misconception of the character is that he can talk to fish, as you and I can talk to each other. The reality is he can communicate with sea life (fish included) through telepathy and even has the ability to completely control them.

5. He has no problem killing. While other DC heroes, like Batman and Superman, have a fairly strict ‘no murder’ policy, Aquaman has no trouble spilling blood in the water.

4. He has a harpoon hand. Star Wars doesn’t have a monopoly on missing limbs. Depending on the storyline, Aquaman either lost his hand to Black Manta or a school of piranhas (which is hard to believe since he can control sea life). What makes the character so awesome is that he replaced his missing hand with a harpoon… and sometimes a hook. Modular hands can be helpful sometimes!