7 Things to know about Aquaman

3. Aquaman punched death in the face. Not figuratively… he literally punched the physical incarnation of death square in the face. (In all fairness, it’s a bit ambiguous if it was death or Charon, the ferryman of Hades, but either way, I love the thought of Aquaman staring death in the face and punching it)

2. He time travels. Aquaman probably isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to time traveling heroes, but he’s spent plenty of time in different eras and places. In one story arc he was transported to ancient Greece and worshipped as a god and in another, he went to the planet Neptune in the 853rd century to take part in odd interplanetary Olympics. Arthur Curry travels, just not always the way you might think.

1. He will throw a bear at you… no joke. Granted you have to back to a story from 1942, Aquaman heard of a group of hunters who were killing seals, and on his way to confront them, he ran into a pissed off polar bear. Rather than risk missing the hunters in a fight with the bear he picked up the bear and threw it hunters like a shotput… solving two problems in one!

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