Kevin Durand Joins Swamp Thing in Villain Role

The cast of DC Universe’s upcoming Swamp Thing series seems to grow by the day. The latest addition is Kevin Durand who will be taking on a familiar DC villain role.

According to Deadline, Durand (Lost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is joining Swamp Thing in the role of Jason Woodrue. Woodrue first appeared in 1962 in Atom #1, but in 1976 in The Flash #245 he became better known as the super villain Floronic Man. Woodrue then played a major role in reshaping Swamp Thing lore when when in Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing #21, he was the scientist responsible for discovering Alec Holland was indeed dead. Instead the creature known as Swamp Thing has abosorbed Holland’s memories when it had fed on his corpse.

At this stage it’s not clear if Woodrue will stay in his human form through out Swamp Thing or if he will indeed become Floronic Man. In the comics he actually tried to use Swamp Thing’s body to contact the force known as the Green, but it rejected him.

It’s sounding like the television series will borrow heavily from Alan Moore’s time with the character, and that’s fine by us.

Still no word as to when Swamp Thing will debut on DC Universe.


SOUCE: Deadline