Gotham Set Photos Point to a Potential Flash Forward

Gotham is still in the midst of filming its final season, and some new set photos seem to point a possible glimpse into the future.

This week production has moved to Staten Island, New York, and SILive ran some photos of the set. It is claiming this is part of the series finale, and there’s one thing that definitely points to that. Check out Ben Mackenzie’s hair in the photo.

While we know that season 5 picks up eight months after season 4, it seems unlikely that Gordon would have added that much gray to his hair. Other reports have indicated that the series finale would indeed include a flash forward that would show us Bruce (David Mazouz) in the Batman costume. It looks like that may be what is in the process of being filmed.

Now… someone want to explain the two giant silver skulls on the back of the van/possible ambulance?

Gotham season 5 will debut on Jan. 3, 2019.