Deathstroke Statue From Prime 1 Studio is the Merc of Your Dreams

If you’re a Deathstroke fan, we suggest you start asking all of your relatives for cash this year for the holidays. The Deathstroke statue from Prime 1 Studio is going to set you back a pretty penny, but it’s so gorgeous we still want it.

There is no doubt that Prime 1 Studio makes some gorgeous pieces, but their prices also reflect that. The recent Huntress statue had us sorely tempted, and now Deathstroke is here to have us checking our finances all over again. Of course, as big as these statues are, placement in your house is probably also a pretty big consideration.

The regular edition will sell for $1,049, while the EX Version sells for $1,099 and is limited to 750 pieces.

“No more work for hire. From today, I’ll decide who needs to die.”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present 1/3 scale MMDC-30: Deathstroke from DC Comics Universe. Part of an experimental super-soldier program where he gained enhanced strength, agility, healing factor and intelligence. Deathstroke became a mercenary soon and rapidly gained a reputation as one of the world’s greatest assassins. In this comic version Deathstroke statue, you have more weapon options to choose such as right hand with Samurai sword or handgun and left hand with a sword or M4 Rifle. As more arm options, it’s able to switch out to several kinds of poses as you like. For the head part, it comes with 2 alternate portraits both mask his ugly face. There is one more alternate portrait coming in the Exclusive version only, the mast with Half skull and Half mask. Deathstroke is standing under a Grim Reaper base design. DC fans, don’t miss your chance to own this Deadstroke in your collection!!

Product Specifications

  • Size approximately 30 inches tall holding sword [(H):75.3cm (W):61cm (D):64cm]
  • Size approximately 36 inches tall holding M4 Rifle [(H):89.5cm (W):61cm (D):68.7cm]
  • One (1) Grim Reaper Design base
  • One (1) Right-arm
  • Two (2) alternate Regular Portrait
  • Two (2) interchangeable Left-arms
  • One (1) interchangeable Left-hand holding M4 Rifle
  • One (1) interchangeable Left-hand holding a Sword
  • One (1) interchangeable Right-hand holding a Samurai Sword
  • One (1) interchangeable Right-hand holding Handgun
  • One (1) Alternate Exclusive Portrait (In the exclusive version only)