Gotham Embraces Comic Book Roots With New Penguin and Riddler Costumes

Gotham is still in the midst of filming its final season in and around New York City, and new set photos feature a definite nod to the comics.

We know that the season will end with a flash foward in time about 10 years. So take a look at these photos for a second.

Hmm… looking up.

End up dangling from a lamp post.

Could we be looking at a scene of Batman capturing the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)? Sure would seem to make sense. Also, the evolution of their looks from the current time in the series differs from these quite a bit. If this is where the series is going towards the end, color me intrigued.

The final season of Gotham is set to debut on Jan. 3.