Joker Set Photos Show a Gotham City Police Chase

The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is on the run from Gotham City Police detectives in new set photos. That is until a cab gets in his way.

JustJared has published some new photos from the Brooklyn set of Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker film. It seems that Gotham detectives played by Shea Wigham and Bill Camp are chasing down the Clown Prince of Crime, but he (actually Phoenix’s stunt double) takes a tumble over the hood of a taxi.

What’s interesting to note here is the images are actually the clearest we’ve seen yet of his hairline because the hair is slicked back. This version of the Joker is clearly an all makeup situation and not bleached skin. Other images had indicated that was the case, but nothing was ever definite. These new images make it pretty definite.

There’s still no true indication of what the plot of this film is, but we have to say we get a bit more intrigued with every new photo we see.

The Joker is due to hit theaters on Oct. 4, 2019.


SOURCE: JustJared