Batmobile Concept Art From Titans Shows a Lot of Options

If you’ve watched episode 6 of Titans, “Jason Todd,” then you are sure to have noticed a Batmobile lurking in the background of a particular scene. Although we never get a super clear shot of it, it seems that a ton of work went into the design of the car. John Gallagher was the first artist to take a crack at it, and according to his Facebook posting of some of his concepts, these are just a few of the over 30 designs he tried.

Minor Spoilers: So awhile back I was asked to design the Batmobile for the Titans series. It debuted last episode so the secret’s out and I kept my mouth shut this whole time lol. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to get a call like that? Bucket List! Encore VFX gave me wide open freedom to explore so that’s always a good lane to start in. So I set about, as is standard operating procedure with funnel shaped design, with broad strokes on the landscape of the vehicle while embracing all eras, iterations and media variants – real world, toys, animation, comics, features wherever I could find one and narrow the focus going forward. But getting the bones right is the only goal after that it’s all window dressing. Then of course toward the end it gets cut and pasted to final form and all stakeholders sign off on the cool ass winner usually a mix of elements from the final four or five. To say the Batmobile since May 1939 has been designed to death is no understatement. So, a core design that honours the traditions of the past and design legacy while also being forward looking, contemporary and distinctively Titans. I think fans of the show will appreciate the nods to some subtle final colour choices, profile and form language to a couple classics in the ’66 and the ’89. I worked through over thirty complete ideations and a couple dozen abandoned relics borrowing inspirations from our shared real world automative history and full spectrum media. Here’s just a few of many explorations that got the dialogue started. The final you’ll just have to watch the show and see how the army of geniuses who took up the cause after me did with it

We have to hand it to Gallagher, he certainly pulled from a wide range of sources. We see some 89 Batman in here, 66 as well, a touch of Batman: The Animated Series and more. I have to admit, the twin-pod Lamborghini style spoke to me for its clear design cues from the Super Powers Batmobile toy.


SOURCE: John Gallagher on Facebook
VIA: SuperBroMovies

Thanks to “BvS is worse than ID2 – LOL!” for the tip!