Elseworlds Promo Shows Off Batwoman, Arkham, and More

The CW is cranking up the Elseworlds marketing heading into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. On Monday we were treated to photos from all three parts of the crossover, but sadly there was only one image of Batwoman (Ruby Rose). The network corrected that issue late on Monday night with a new promo focusing on her, Gotham City, and even Arkham Asylum.

We now see that FlashArrow – Barry in the Arrow persona – does make his way to Gotham at some point. This also shows that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) makes his way there as well. We’re going to assume he’s in on the fact that something is wrong with the world at this stage.

As we see Arkham and the Bat Signal in the promo – along with the requisite “I’m up on a rooftop!” shot – it feels like we will see quite a bit of Batwoman in Elseworlds. While she hasn’t been played up that much in marketing, we do have to remember she’s a guest star in these shows and not the focus.

… hopefully that will change next season.

The Elseworlds crossover event starts on Dec. 9.