Batman Gift Guide 2018: Best Gifts for Batman Fanatics

Buying for the Batman fan in your life this holiday season? This list offers plenty of gift ideas sure to appeal to any fan of The Dark Knight. We’re talking comics old and new, salutes to 66 and 89, collectibles that highlight the Nolan and Snyder eras, and more! And we’ve made staying within your budget even easier by sorting the items according to price.

Single Issue Comics ($2.99 and up)

Floppies make for a great gift. Get something new for $2.99 or $3.99 or head to eBay, your local comic shop, or even the nearest antique mall/flea market to find some classic reads! Well-read Bat-fans would be thrilled to have a first print of aof  a milestone event or a rare, well-preserved copy of a silly Silver Age outing. Bat-hombre? The Rainbow Batman? Get ’em and frame ’em! A more realistic pick-up, however, might be an affordable trade paperback or hardcover graphic novel that collects several issues together so your giftee can enjoy the full story.

LEGO sets ($5.99-29.99)

LEGO are always putting out great stuff, and this year is no different.  They have a wide variety of sets available in all price ranges, so you can pick up a single Minifigure or a more complex build.  While they’re technically discontinued, The LEGO Batman Movie blind bag figures can still be found in stores and on Amazon, and each contains a single (usually hilarious, always awesome) Minifigure.  Will you get Batman wearing a speedo?  Black Lightning?  Killer Moth?  Take a chance and find out.

Also related to The LEGO Batman Movie, two sets in particular stand out thanks to their creative build elements and just how…eggcellent they are.  Egghead Mech Food Fight may just take the cake for all around best set: it includes Minifigs of Batman, Egghead (!) and Condiment King (!!), and you can construct an egg-mech (!!!) that fires over-easy eggs (!!!!).  It is amazing.

The Justice League Anniversary Party comes with a ton of Minifigures: Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, El Dorado, and Wonder Dog.  With the set you can recreate the scene from The LEGO Batman Movie where the League celebrates their anniversary in the Fortress of Solitude… and Batman finds out he’s never invited.  While it’s hard to top “guy with an egg-shaped head riding in an egg-shaped robot,” this set is pretty awesome for its own reasons.  The plethora of characters is a huge bonus, and touches like different sets of wings for Hawkgirl are great, but the main draw is just the overall fun design of the set.  You’ve got hanging lights, a rotating dance floor, a speaker set up, and DJ Wonder Dog at the turntables. He’s spinning records emblazoned with the Batsymbol, so you know this party is pumping some sick jams.

If you’re looking for a tie-in to a live-action film, Justice League gets some representation with a BrickHeadz set.  These builds are more ideal for display or collectors than they are for play, but they’re still a blast to put together.  This two-pack set includes Batman in his tactical gear and Superman, and the unique qualities of the BrickHeadz designs make them a blast to put together.  The blocky motif gives the figures a very distinct visual aesthetic, and there’s a surprising level of detail.

Buckle-Down Accessories for Dogs (and humans) ($6.95 and up)

Buckle-Down’s seatbelt belts are some of the coolest accessories you can own. Now your dogs can get in on the action, with an attractive Bat-collar and Bat-leash. And if you want to coordinate when taking little Ace or Titus for a walk, there are matching headbands and lanyards for humans.


Super Heroes Say Please ($10.99)

Downtown Bookworks makes the best DC kids books, and they’ve got a new one out in time for the holidays. There’s no better way to teach a kid manners than with comic art and heroes, so pick this up for your kids or someone else’s.

Paladone Batman Glass Tumbler ($12.66)

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room: if you tell a Bat-fan that you bought them a tumbler for Christmas, they’ll probably be expecting something with four wheels and flaming exhaust. That said, if they drink the hard stuff that’s served at the Iceberg Lounge, they’re sure to appreciate this gorgeous, black glass tumbler. Your mother could tuck you in and bring you warm milk in this glass, and you’d still come out feeling like a man.

Paladone Batman Travel Mug ($16.98)

At one time or another, we all drink beverages. At one time or another, we all travel. And at one time or another, we all (most likely) drink beverages while traveling. If, however, you are part of the elite group that drinks beverages while traveling and is awesome, then this is the travel mug for you. The rubber sleeve is what really makes it Batman, and it looks super-cool. Like Batman. You can also remove said sleeve when washing so it lasts longer, which is smart. Also like Batman.

Insight Editions books ($16.99-50)

As much as we love comic books (and we do love us some comic books), there are lots of companies putting out quality comics-related books each and every year.  Insight Editions, in particular, have released some great books this year, with three very different titles that will appeal to comic fans of all types.  There’s DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History, a coffee table book dedicated to the best variant covers DC Comics have to offer; DC: Anatomy of a Metahuman, a brilliant book on Batman’s “case files” that is written from the perspective of the Dark Knight; and for the kids, there’s Batman: Flashlight Projections, which allows you to shine a flashlight through clear plastic pages to project images on the wall.  All great reads for Batman fans young and old, and Amazon links to all three can be found below:

Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album – Deluxe Edition ($17.99)

“But you guys already talked about comics on the guide!” Hey. Calm down. It’s Christmas.

Yeah, we did already talk about comics on the guide, but this one is special because it’s regarding the biggest story of the year. If you know someone who is caught up in the Batman/Catwoman wedding hype, this sleek hardcover collecting The Engagement, The Dress, The Big Day, and all the variants should make them happy. Then again, this story was incredibly divisive and so there’s a 50% chance (or perhaps greater) that this gift will make them very very angry. Which, in a way, makes this over-sized hardcover edition a wonderful “White Elephant Gift” or a present for someone you despise but are otherwise obligated to buy for this holiday season.

Paladone Retro Batman Watch ($18.99)

We’ve all had those days—days when life’s got us down and we can’t imagine things getting worse. But if we had been wearing this stylish, retro Batman Watch from Paladone, we would have remembered that things could, in fact, have been worse. We could have lost our parents in an alley and then spent the rest of our lives being equal parts tortured and awesome. Chins up, chums—the Caped Crusader’s got you covered.

Diamond Select Toys Nightwing/Batgirl 2-pack  ($19.99)

In the vein of the Diamond Select dioramas are the more comic-centric Nightwing and Batgirl vinyl figures, also from Diamond.  Nightwing is in his classic duds with the “finger stripes,” while Batgirl is in her Burnside gear, and they each strike an exciting pose.  These figures were part of a Free Comic Book Day push but are still available for purchase, and their sculpts and playful facial expressions perfectly capture the personalities of these beloved members of the Bat-family.

Paladone Batman Multitool ($21.99)

Batman is always prepared, and now you can be, too. If you’ve got things that need plying, slicing, sawing, screwing, or opening, this little folding overachiever can get the job done.

Get it from Entertainment Earth

Paladone Batman Luminart ($23.23)

A box of light with the cover from Batman #251 on the front? What’s not to love? Load it up with batteries, and make any room of your house way cooler in no time.

BATMAN Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP ($25)

An artfully designed album cover, colorful vinyl, and the sweet sweet score by Danny Elfman. What’s not to love? Even if you lack a turntable, this record would look glorious framed and displayed proudly on your wall. You can get yours this week at Mondo (release date 11/28) along with last year’s Batman Returns album.

Paladone Minimalist Batman Watch ($29.98)

You may not have the time for criminal tomfoolery, but you’ll have the time—on your wrist—with Paladone’s slick-looking all-black Bat-watch. What’s that you say? It hasn’t got any numbers on its face? Numbers are for people with parents. Show the other orphans how it’s done, and look good doing it.

Diamond Select Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Phone Vinyl Bank ($29.99)

Landline phones may be close to obsolete these days, but how many of them can store your hard-earned cash?  Diamond Select has the perfect selection with their Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Phone bank.  Modeled after the iconic red phone from the classic Sixties Batman television series, the phone is a fun and unique way to show your love for Batman.  It’s lightweight, looks quite handsome on a shelf, and holds a fair amount of money in its base, making it the perfect gift for any Batman ’66 fan.

Buy it now at Diamond Select.

DC Artist Alley Figures ($39.99)

These holiday variants take the popular figures inspired by Sho Murase’s art and gives them a green and red coat that fits in nicely with the rest of your Christmas decor. They’re rare, however, so act fast. Each character is limited to 500 pieces. And if they have sold out by the time you read this, try to find a Chris Uminga Batman figure! There were 3,000 of those made, and they’re excellent. 

Diamond Select DC Gallery statues ($45)

Diamond Select Toys’ Batman: The Animated Series line is simply stunning.  Characters like Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing are sculpted in dynamic poses with costumes and detailing that are translated perfectly from the show.

Diamond Select Toys Batman Who Laughs Gallery PVC ($45)

There may not be any nasty little Robins at the end of those chains, but this affordable Gallery statue from Diamond Select is an excellent take on the creepiest Bruce Wayne in the Dark Multiverse. This is a great gift for the comics fan on your list.

Batman: The Animated Series- Gotham City Under Siege board game ($49.99)

If you’re looking for a great party game, IDW Games have delivered in spades with Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham City Under Siege board game. This game is amazing before you even open the box, with fantastic box art and sturdy packaging.  The game can be played solo or with a group of up to five players, and the goal is to make it through four “acts” without Gotham City being destroyed.  Playing against the board, gameplay consists of using skill cards and rolling dice to complete different actions against random storytelling elements. The Scarecrow can douse the streets with fear gas, for example, and players can even become injured and have their abilities impaired because of that.  Besides being well thought out and complex, it just looks really cool, with official art from the series used on the game pieces and small pop-up buildings serving as the game board.  Whether you’re a hardcore board game enthusiast or just a huge fan of the show, Gotham City Under Siege is a great way to celebrate your love of Batman: The Animated Series.

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Joker Expressions Pack ($50)

It’s the best figure of Mark Hamill’s Joker you can buy. They call it an expressions pack, and that’s exactly what you get. Swap out a different look for Mr. J every week if you want! Give him a gray coat and hat, too. Why not? There are so many options, so many wonderful moments from the show to recreate, and the thing only costs $44 bucks on Amazon right now. If you’re still not convinced, you can check out our full review here.

DC Core Joker PVC Statue ($50)

It’s an excellent statue for only $50 bucks. Especially when you consider how it’s near impossible to break! The designers stuck to Mr. J’s most iconic characteristics so we get a Joker that would fit perfectly in any era. And by using PVC, DC Collectibles was able to put the villain in an energetic pose that’s just not possible with polyresin. Not for this price, anyway.

One:61 Batman Smartwatch ($90-125)

Want to show off your love for Batman while also getting some motivation to burn off those holiday calories? Look no further than the Batman Smartwatch from One:61 Studio. The watch can interface with both Android and iPhone devices, and it comes preloaded with several Batman ’66-centric features. With six available watch faces and daily step goals modeled around defeating Batman’s most devious foes, the Batman Smartwatch is an attractive timepiece made that much better by its focus on The Caped Crusader.

Get yours at One:61’s official website.

Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray ($99.99)

Every Batman fan should own Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray, and this box set comes with a digital copy of everything as well! Sure, it’s missing Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, but we’ll let that slide. Our full review of the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray can be found HERE.

Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure by Mondo ($125-$130)

Is your giftee patient? Mondo’s Batman and Mr. Freeze figures won’t ship until after the holidays, but if the quality is anything like the company’s Red Rain Batman statue it’ll be well worth the wait. These figures were on display at SDCC last July and looked spectacular. Pre-order now and… I don’t know, get them a card with a photo inside, a photo of you making the pre-order. What looks like a lame gift instantly becomes a super-awesome gift.

Batman 1/6 Scale Figure

DC Collectibles Designer Series Greg Capullo METAL Batman Statue ($150)

Even if you didn’t read Snyder & Capullo’s Dark Knights Metal, you can’t deny how bad ass this limited edition statue looks. There’s just not a lot of battle-damage Batman sculptures out there, and even fewer that wield double axes. So get it! And check out the full Batman News review for extra details.

Batman Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles ($220)

The comic-based 1/6 scale figure is a limited edition of only 1000. It features a custom tailored fabric costume over a muscled body design with impressive articulation for achieving a variety of action poses. A cowled head sculpt and a Bruce Wayne head sculpt are included, plus you get two styles of batarang, a utility belt, display stand, and three sets of sculpted hands boasting a wide range of gestures. Unlike the many figures modeled after the character’s appearance in various movies, this premium-quality collectible is absolutely timeless.

You can purchase yours exclusively at

Batman Quarter Scale Figure by Hot Toys ($485)

One-Sixth scale not large enough for you? How about quarter scale? Yeah, we went bigger with this year’s gift guide Hot Toy. Want to recreate your favorite scenes from Batman Begins of Bruce Wayne in and out of the cowl? This impressive figure has the head sculpts, swappable expressions, and a plethora of accessories you need to make it happen. Yes, it has batarangs and a grapple gun, but it also has those really unique, highly detailed items like the closing scene’s Joker card complete with evidence baggie. You also have the sonic device that clips into and out of The Dark Knight’s heel. Did you love the part when Bruce dons a balaclava and introduces himself to Gordon? The mask and climbing harness are part of the bundle! In fact, the only gadgets we found noticeably missing from this package were the round bombs that Batman tosses around Arkham Asylum.

Bale looks incredibly lifelike and popping his head into place might just be the most awe-inspiring way to show the figure off. However, we wish the base was bigger and more artfully designed, and it’s a shame that the pleats in the magnetic cape prohibit you from draping the iconic cloak over the front of the suit, but overall this is a staggeringly beautiful, top-of-the-line collectible with more than enough bells and whistles to make your giftee feel like they were at the top of Santa’s Nice List.

This premium-quality Hot Toy can be purchased from Sideshow Collectibles, who are offering a payment plan of $145.50/month. At the time of this article’s publication, the promo code BATBEGIN will get you $40 off your purchase.

Special thanks to Brian Warshaw (who you see in many of the photos and who created the banner image) and Jay Yaws for contributing so much to this gift guide. 


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