Supergirl Statue From Prime 1 Studio is Taking to the Skies

Prime 1 Studio is clearly trying to make us go broke. With the recently announced Deathstroke and Huntress statues, the new Supergirl statue just proves that DC fans need to get a second job.

The EX Version will include an open mouth smile extra portrait for you to swap with.

The regular edition will sell for $1,049, while the EX Version sells for $1,099 and is limited to 750 pieces. The statue is expected to be released between Jan. 2020 and March 2020.

“”Smile, Doomsday. You’re about to meet the Superman Family.””

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present Supergirl 1:3 Scale statue, another powerful being on the planet who can leap tall buildings and outspeed bullets. First up from the hit DC comic book is the female version of the DC representative character Superman! Teenager Kara Zor-el was sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton. Her environment dramatically changes from the one she grew up in, she is struggling to comprehend her new home and fighting for herself. She becomes the ultimate new girl on the Earth, Supergirl. In this statue, Supergirl flies across the sky with one foot gently touching the surface of the cloud with flying birds and fluttering capes describe the windy environment above the air. She still has enough strength in reserve and keeps the best curve on her face. Her unique pose and likeness captures perfectly the beauty of Supergirl while holding her pet cat, sometimes referred to as Streaky the Supercat. This is the must-have statue for all Superman and Supergirl manias.

Product Specifications

  • Size approximately 31 inches tall [(H)77.6cm (W)49.7cm (D)40.7cm]
  • One (1) Sky Cloud base
  • One (1) alternate Regular Portrait