J.K. Simmons Is Still Contractually Committed to Play Commissioner Gordon in The Batman or Another Justice League

Warner Bros.

J.K. Simmons hopes he isn’t done playing Commissioner Gordon. After recently expressing optimism about playing the character again, Simmons is now discussing his contractual obligations as it relates to Gordon. Simmons wants to honor his original commitment, which began with Justice League.

“I hope to do more Gordon and, on paper, I’m committed to doing more Gordon,” Simmons tells Den of Geek. “It’s just a question of which film it’ll be in, whether it’s The Batman or another Justice League, or another DC universe film when we will see Gordon again. But I’m optimistic that that will happen again.”

Simmons having a contract to play Gordon does not necessarily mean he will play the character again. These contracts are usually “studio option,” meaning Warner Bros. can call upon Simmons to reprise the role in another film, but the studio does not have to. If Matt Reeves wants another Gordon for The Batman, for example, he’ll get one.

Justice League may not have worked out like Warner Bros. had hoped, but the studio should still try to find space for Simmons’ Gordon. Whether he’s playing the same Gordon we saw in JL or a different iteration, Simmons is just too perfect for the role to pass up.

If JL proves to be his one and only shot, Simmons’ Gordon will go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities in superhero movie history.

Do you want to see J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon again and where would you like to see him show up? Let us know in the comments.


SOURCE: Den of Geek