Jason Momoa Shares Funny Story About Wearing His Classic Aquaman Costume for the First Time

Costume designers have a phrase for the first time actors see themselves in their comic book movie costumes. It’s known as their “superhero moment.” Professional actors who might otherwise see a film as just another job are taken back to being a kid playing dress up.

Jason Momoa’s superhero moment went a little differently. There was no mirror in the room so it was his director, James Wan, who turned into a kid again the first time Momoa put on his classic costume for Aquaman.

“The best part about wearing the suit… my first experience wearing the suit, it was really beautiful,” Momoa remembered at the Aquaman press conference, as reported by Heroic Hollywood. “I’ve actually never told James Wan this. I put it on, I didn’t have a mirror, and I come out of wardrobe and get to see his face. He’s always extremely passionate and lets you know right away. But the absolute joy… he looked like a kid… he beamed, ‘I did it.’ He was super proud, and he didn’t have to say anything, I could see it on his face.”

Momoa’s children were also amazed by the suit, as were roughly 6,500 fans the first time it was shown in a sizzle reel inside Hall H at Comic-Con last July. Any concerns that a true-to-the-source Aquaman costume would look ridiculous in live-action melted away. That suit, in person and in the film, looks nothing short of spectacular.

There is no doubt that moviegoers of all ages will be awestruck when they see Momoa in action and in that suit when Aquaman hits theaters December 21!


SOURCE: Heroic Hollywood