Joker Wraps Production: Joaquin Phoenix Bids Farewell to New York in and out of Costume

For several months, many believed Todd Phillips’ Joker movie would never get made. Then the film actually started production and set photos of Joaquin Phoenix in full costume were all over social media. Now, the film has reportedly completed principal photography.

Daily Mail reports that Joker wrapped production in New York on Sunday. New photos of Phoenix as Joker and Arther Fleck accompany the report and they are definitely worth a look.

Phillips has been sharing updates on the film via his Instagram, but has not publicly called wrap. It is possible that production is done in New York, but there will still be some additional photography elsewhere. Whenever cameras are done rolling, hopefully Phillips will make the occasion with a new Joker image.

With production ending, we’re going to need official images from Phillips and Warner Bros. The well of unofficial photos is about to run dry.


SOURCE: Daily Mail