Batwoman Pilot Casting Breakdowns Reveal Some Big Character Hints

As the Elseworlds crossover kicks off this weekend and introduces us to Batwoman/Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), casting has begun on her own pilot episode.

According to information obtained by ThatHashtagShow, the casting breakdowns for the Batwoman pilot are using codenames, but it’s not too difficult to figure out who everyone is.

First up is “Joseph.” The casting calls for a Caucasian male in his late 402 to mid-50s. The character is said to be a former military Colonel and is grieving the loss of his wife and one of his daughters. He has formed his own private security company in Gotham called “The Crows.” In short, it’s pretty clear this will be Kate’s father, Jake Kane in the comics.

“Alexa” is the second character being cast and is being described as a 27-year-old Caucasian who will be Batwoman’s greatest enemy. She is a woman who has experienced great trauma and this has led her to live in her own fantastical world when she wears Victorian attire. In short, this has to be Kate’s twin sister Elizabeth who both Kate and Jake believe to be dead.

For the third character, “Sloane” is described as a late 20s/early 30s Latina who is one of the best agents in The Crows, but is hiding a secret from her husband that she was once in love with Kate. While it makes no mention of the GCPD, this clearly has to be Renee Montoya, Kate’s ex-girlfriend.

“Landon” is described as an Africa-American male in his early 20s that is devoted to Batman. He comes from a family that has helped Batman over the years, but with Wayne Enterprises now abandoned, Landon works to keep it secure. Eventually, due to corruption he sees in the city, he starts to see the need for a new hero in Gotham. This, of course, sounds an awful lot like the son of Lucius Fox, Luke Fox. Luke would later go on to become Batwing.

And wrapping up the casting chores, “Meredith”  needs to be a woman in her early 20s who will seem like an airhead to most, but she has a secret life in Gotham. This seems to point towards Kate’s cousin, Bette who is also known as Flamebird.

It’s sounding as though Batwoman – if that ends up being the title – could follow the other Arrowverse shows in structure with a tech person, a father figure, and assorted sidekick heroes. This was to be expected, and we’re still interested in seeing where this goes. We’re particularly interested in the set-up of “Landon” watching over an abandoned Wayne Tech. Is it just that division of the company that has shut down, or the whole company? If the latter, where is Bruce?

See? There’s already a mystery to be solved.

For now, you’ll get your first look at Batwoman in action in the Elseworlds crossover that kicks off on Sunday, Dec. 9.


SOURCE: ThatHashtagShow