Plastic Man Movie in the Works, Writer Brought on Board

It looks as though Warner Bros. has its sights set on a lighter film in the future with a writer having been brought on board for a Plastic Man film.

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has spent the past six months looking for a writer for a Plastic Man film. The main issue is the tone of the character through comics and his animated series has always been very light, so there is a certain tone to be maintained.

The lucky winner of the exhaustive search is reportedly Amanda Idoko. Her only writing credit so far is the upcoming Breaking News in Yuba County which is currently in pre-production.

For those unfamiliar with Plastic Man, he started out in comics at Quality Comics in 1941 until the company folded in 1956 and DC picked up the character’s rights. He began life as a criminal, but during a heist gone wrong, Patrick “Eel” O’Brien was shot and hit with some chemicals that ended up making him able to stretch and form shapes with his body.

Currently, no one else is connected to the project, and no timeline is known as of yet. With Idoko’s other film currently in pre-production, it will probably be a little bit before she can begin work on bringing Plastic Man to life. In other words, we’re beyond early days on the project, but just know that it is out there and being worked on.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter