Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Is Just as Obsessed About the Snyder Cut of Justice League as DC Fans

Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League has been desired by many DC fans for over a year. They wanted it before the theatrical cut of the film was even released. Since then, stories about the Snyder Cut and whether we’ll ever see it have become something of a legend.

As it turns out, fans are not the only ones with this obsession. Aquaman star Jason Momoa feels the same way. He wants to see the original vision of the director who first hired Momoa to play the DC hero in Batman v Superman and JL.

“I’m obsessed with it, too,” Momoa told MTV. “That’s one thing that sucks with our business where you just can’t speak your mind, but yeah. F*** yeah I want to see it!”

Blunt honesty is not the only thing fans will appreciate about Momoa. This show of solidarity has to feel good even if it doesn’t impact the chances of Warner Bros. actually releasing Snyder’s cut of Justice League.

Should Aquaman continue to be successful, however, perhaps Momoa’s influence with the studio will grow just enough to help make it happen. Doubtful, but dare to dream.