Aquaman Shatters Records and Expectations with $93.6M Opening Weekend in China

Aquaman is the highest-grossing movie in the world this weekend despite being open in only one market. The film earned a staggering $93.6M in its opening weekend in China, per Exhibitor Relations. That’s the highest total ever for Warner Bros. in the Middle Kingdom and well over box office tracking.

This is an outstanding result for Aquaman, which had already set a mark for WB’s best opening day in China. Prior to Aquaman, the top opening weekend in China for a DC movie was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at $55.7M, according to Box Office Mojo.

A studio can’t ask for a better result than the one Warner Bros. got for Aquaman this weekend. This gives the film some major momentum with less than two weeks before it opens domestically.

Reviews drop this week and we expect them to be positive based on social media reactions from critics. Good reviews and international success should propel Aquaman over the already-high expectations for its opening in North America on December 21.


SOURCE: Exhibitor Relations