Gotham Teaser Shows Off the Shadow of Batman

A new teaser has been released for the final season of Gotham, and while we’ve seen the footage before, it ends on a new note.

The latest trailer, “The Dark Knight is Coming,” uses a mixture of footage primarily from the First Look video recently released. The final shot, however, has Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) turning towards the camera and a familiar shadow appearing on the wall.

We know we’re heading towards the eventual reveal at the end of the season that will show us some form of Batman. At least the marketing is finally starting to play this up to some degree. The only question now is when we’ll finally get to see the costume itself. Our guess is that Fox will keep that close to the vest and you will indeed need to tune in to catch it.

The final season of Gotham will premiere on Jan. 3, 2019.