Aquaman Outgrosses Every DC Movie Ever Released in China, in Just 4 Days

China has a new favorite DC superhero. Aquaman is now the highest-grossing DC movie ever released in the Middle Kingdom. In just four days, the James Wan film has earned $107.65M, more than the lifetime total of previous DC record-holder Justice League ($106M).

This is just the latest record for Aquaman in the world’s second-largest movie market. The movie already had the best opening day and opening weekend in the history of Warner Bros.

Aquaman will continue to work its way up the superhero movie charts in China for weeks to come. It should easily finish near the top of that list, according to China box office pundit Gavin Feng. It could wind up being one of only a handful of superhero movies to top $200M in China.

Warner Bros. is sure to be ecstatic right now. If other territories, including North America, embrace the film anywhere near this level, Aquaman could be the first DC movie to reach $1 billion worldwide since The Dark Knight Rises.


SOURCE: Gavin Feng