Matt Reeves Batman Script Rewrite Due Within Weeks

It seems there may be some movement on Matt Reeves long-gestating The Batman film, and a new version of the script could be coming any day now.

Umberto Gonzalez, who has a pretty impeccable track record on these types of matters, tweeted on Tuesday that a rewrite of the script was due to be turned in before the end of the year.

Rumors have circulated this project for several years now with Ben Affleck drifting in and out of the project. The latest rumors seem to point toward Reeves wanting to go with a younger Batman and tell a tale from his earlier adventures. It’s worth noting that the Batman we have seen so far in films such as Justice League has been running around for 20 years or so at this time. This would also be smart from a future production standpoint in that it would allow Affleck to just do the older Batman stories if he wanted while a series of younger adventures could be happening in its own series.

Currently, there is no planned release date or even a production start on The Batman. Hopefully, this script is more along the lines of what Warner Bros. wants and we could finally move ahead.