Warner Bros. and DC Confirm “Comedic, Action-Driven” Plastic Man Movie Officially in Development

Warner Bros.

It’s happening, or at least Warner Bros. is trying to make it happen. A Plastic Man movie is officially in development at the studio, as announced on today’s episode of DC Daily. Amanda Idoko will pen the film’s “comedic, action-driven” script.

News of a Plastic Man movie and Idoko’s involvement broke last week, but this is the first official comment on the project from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Speaking about this news publicly is a declaration of intent and a statement of confidence that this movie could actually get made.

Plastic Man may not have been high on many DC fans’ priority list for movie adaptations, but Patrick “Eel” O’Brien is a cult favorite. Plastic Man has a lot of potential as the star of an action comedy and if DC Films is to thrive in a crowded marketplace, a few unconventional choices will need to be made.

It’s not like there were a ton of people begging Marvel for Guardians of the Galaxy when it was announced in 2012. Warner Bros. is also capable of giving moviegoers a new favorite character they did not know they wanted.