Pennyworth Story Details Begin to Emerge

At long last, we’re getting what appears to be some details on the Pennyworth season, and it’s sounding a bit more intriguing than we expected.

According to a new information coming from Splash Report, someone who has seen the pilot episode for Pennyworth is spilling details. First up, the tone of the show.

The world of ‘Pennyworth’ is something unique in and of itself. It’s a weird mishmash of an alternate reality post-WW2 dystopic Britain, neon-soaked streets outside nightclubs, and high society. The show is no-holds-barred: R-rated swearing, gore, violence, sex, are all prevalent in the world of ‘Pennyworth.’ That may seem like a weird choice for a show based on Batman’s butler, but in my opinion, it works wonders. It does just enough to separate itself from the likes of ‘Gotham’ and ‘Titans’ to feel like its own thing. Everyone talks like they’re in a 1960s-era Britain using appropriate language like “oik” and “skulldiggery.” It’s strange, I haven’t ever really seen a show like that before. The closest approximation I can provide is something like ‘Peaky Blinders,’ but even that is different to what ‘Pennyworth’ presents.

As to the plot of the pilot, it sounds as though we’re in for a lot of action.

The main impetus for the show is that the Raven Society, a secretive group akin to the Court of Owls mixed with the Illuminati and Falcone crime family, need to capture Thomas Wayne. Alfred Pennyworth, bouncing one night at the nightclub, runs into Wayne and his sister. As such, the Ravens, through Bet Sykes and Harwood, try to get Pennyworth to give up Wayne’s location. They kidnap Esme and use her as leverage. Essentially, the entire episode, excluding the set-up, is focused on Alfred using any means necessary to get her back. Ever since the war, Alfred has been avoiding a life of violence and bloodshed, only using his skills for security. But this scenario throws him right back into the fray, almost like Robin in the new ‘Titans’ series. I love this choice to have Alfred be a hardened war veteran who gets pulled back into a life of murder and violence. There are multiple scenes where we see Alfred let loose his unmatched skills in combat, and they are just AMAZING. It’s bloody, brutal, and fuelled by strong pacing and character development.

There is a lot more said in the Splash Report and it’s worth reading.

Pennyworth is from Bruno Heller who was one of the people behind Gotham. The series will air on Epix, but we don’t have a premiere date as of yet. Jack Bannon will be starring as Alfred, while Ben Aldridge will star as Thomas Wayne.


SOURCE: Splash Report