DC Universe Announces Upcoming Additions, Day-and-Date Animated Movie Releases

DC Universe hasn’t added much content since it’s launch in September, but all of that is slowly changing and about to speed up.

Hot on the heels of the trailer for the Titans season finale being released, DC Universe has announced more content is on the way. First up, what we can expect from the rest of December.

December 2018 Additions

  • 12/17: DCU Yule Log (new)
  • 12/28: The New Adventures of Batman
  • 12/28: The New Adventures of Superman

Yes, the Yule Log is just what you think it is. Here is how it was explained in the press release.

And, if that’s not enough content to get you through the holidays, DC UNIVERSE will also share holiday cheer with its first-ever Holiday Yule Log, set for release the week of December 17, and available through the holidays.  You’ll need to pay attention because Santa won’t be the only one dropping by – keep an eye out for season’s greetings from some of DC’s most famous Super Heroes and Super-Villains.

Then it’s on to the new year and this is where things get super interesting.

January 2019 Additions

  • 1/1: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  • 1/1: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
  • 1/1: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  • 1/4: Young Justice: Outsiders (DCU Original)
  • 1/8: All-Star Superman
  • 1/11: Aquaman TV Pilot (2007)
  • 1/15: Superman vs The Elite
  • 1/22: Superman Unbound
  • 1/29: Reign of the Supermen (DC animated movie new release)

Apparently the films there have been straight to home video release will now be coming to DCU. That’s a heck of an added bonus in our book and we can’t wait for this to start happening.

With the Aquaman TV pilot coming, could the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman pilot also appear someday?

DC Universe is also offering a discounted price this week for the holidays if you hven’t joined yet.

To celebrate the Titans finale and the slate of new content, DC UNIVERSE is offering nearly 50% off membership for U.S. subscribers for a very limited time. The first three months of membership are available at $3.99/month for 3 months or subscribe for a full year for $59.99 plus taxes, where applicable from 12/13-12/20 at dcuniverse.com/join. It’s not too late to catch up on all the action before the final episode of Titans streams on December 21 or binge watch the full season after the final episode airs.