Jason Momoa Says Wonder Woman and Iron Man Opened the Door for Aquaman

The superhero genre is evolving. The list of characters that get movies has expanded beyond the biggest, most-established mainstream icons. Aquaman star Jason Momoa knows this and appreciates those that have helped pave the way for his new film.

Years ago, the idea of Aquaman getting his own movie was out of the question. Warner Bros. let the HBO series Entourage pretend they were making an Aquaman film because the chances of a real one getting made were slim. Since then, there have been a few rolls of the dice that proved audiences actually want more than Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man.

“Gosh, I don’t know,” Momoa told the Toronto Sun when asked about why it took so long for Aquaman to happen. “The only thing about it now is, people want more. They’ve heard those other stories, and there’s plenty more to tell, but they want new ones. When Batman v Superman came out and it introduced Wonder Woman, she came in and blew it open.

“I feel like Marvel, in its own right, has been blowing the door open with other new characters as well. I mean look what Iron Man did. That was amazing. Who knew what the hell Iron Man did? I definitely didn’t. I feel like I knew more about Aquaman, and I barely knew anything about Aquaman over Iron Man (laughs). Robert Downey just came in and destroyed it. So there are all these beautiful, modern mythologies that people get inspired by and it’s nice to see something different.”

Momoa is spot on in his assessment of the genre. Superhero films, regardless of what studio they are from, have the ability to create opportunities for each other. As some fans get caught up in frivolous “Marvel vs. DC” division, mainstream audiences still tend to view the superhero genre as a single entity.

A rising tide lifts all boats. The success of one superhero movie is a victory for all. The failure of any one superhero movie is a problem for the entire genre. It only takes one miss for the phrase “superhero fatigue” to start popping up in headlines again.

Warner Bros. got this whole party started with Superman in 1978. Since then, we have seen several films come along to reignite the genre and open doors through which new characters could walk. Even Aquaman will have its turn to pay it forward by creating space for other characters waiting to get their own movie.


SOURCE: Toronto Sun