Jason Momoa Talks Justice League 2, Legion of Doom, and Henry Cavill’s Superman Status

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Aquaman’s Jason Momoa is ready to team up with the Justice League again and take on a legendary team of villains. The first JL movie ended with a tease for the Legion of Doom or Injustice League or whatever DC Films would want to call its cinematic grouping of major villains.

The financial struggles of Justice League, however, threaten to send the film’s post-credits scene to the same forgotten place where Green Lantern’s Sinestro resides with his fear ring. If, however, there is some way to bring the “JL vs. Legion of Doom” idea back around, Momoa wants in, badly.

“Absolutely! I loved working with all my castmates on Justice League,” Momoa told the Toronto Sun. “But I feel like Flash is probably going to get a solo movie. Flashpoint and Ezra [Miller] need to happen. His character deserves his own movie. Wonder Woman [1984] is on the way, so that’s phenomenal.

“I’m not sure what they’re doing with Batman, and I’ve heard Henry [Cavill] is out as Superman, so I don’t know the shape of Justice League without Superman and Batman. But the Legion of Doom; seeing all the bad guys together and seeing us come in would be awesome. If that s— happens, they better let me in. I’d definitely like to come riding in on a tidal wave to whoop some ass.”

You probably noticed Jason Momoa saying he heard Henry Cavill was out as Superman. This interview took place while Momoa was doing Aquaman press in New York, which was before Wednesday’s Los Angeles premiere where Momoa said, after a phone conversation with Cavill, that reports of the actor no longer being Superman are not true.

The actual truth is that decisions regarding the future of Superman and which actor plays him will not be made by Cavill or Momoa. The most Cavill can do is be willing to play the role again, but Warner Bros. has made or will make the final call.

It’s probably not worth reading too much into Momoa calling the Flash solo movie Flashpoint. The film has commonly been referred to with that title and Momoa might have simply echoed what many others have been calling the movie. This isn’t confirmation that the Flash movie is still Flashpoint.

Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to be big fans of team-up films at the moment, but a few years from now, the idea could come back around. If the Wonder Woman franchise continues to be successful and Aquaman takes off, the notion of those two characters joining forces again (along with other JL members) is going to feel like a big event for audiences.

If there is a Justice League 2, the Legion of Doom should have the opportunity to get whooped by Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and friends.


SOURCE: Toronto Sun