Henry Thomas Joins DC Universe’s Stargirl as Doctor Mid-Nite

It seems that DC Universe is going all out on forming its Justice Society of America for the upcoming Stargirl series. The latest addition to the cast is Henry Thomas (Haunting of Hill House) as Doctor Mid-Nite.

Entertainment Weekly has the news exclusively that Thomas will take on the role of Doctor Mid-Nite. In the comics he was Dr. Charles McNider, a forward-thinking doctor that went on to be a founding member of the Justice Society.

It’s beginning to sound as though the JSA will play a major role in the Stargirl series. So far we have Joel McHale as Starman, Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Hourman, and Brian Stapf as Wildcat. It sounds as though we’ll eventually have the whole team involved.

Currently the rumor is that Stargirl will debut in Aug. 2019, so we have about eight months to speculate how much the old team will be played up.


SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly