Aquaman Dives into the Domestic Box Office with $9M Opening Night; $13.7M Counting Previews

After hauling in cash all over the worldAquaman has finally arrived at the domestic box office and in a big way. The film earned $9M on its opening Thursday night. The Warner Bros. and DC Films product easily bested Bumblebee ($2.15M), the other major studio release that opened last night.

Aquaman‘s Thursday night comes in a little lower than Wonder Woman ($11M) and Justice League ($13M), but remember that many fans got their first viewing in ahead of time. Aquaman made $4.7M via preview screenings on Saturday and Wednesday. That amount won’t technically count in the film’s opening night/weekend totals, but it’s money in the bank for Warner Bros. Aquaman‘s domestic haul now stands at $13.7M.

This is a great start for Aquaman and keeps it on pace for a three-day opening over $80M and it should pass $100M with ease over the five-day holiday weekend. We could see Aquaman beat those already-ambitious estimates if word-of-mouth is strong enough.

Many families haven’t decided which movie they’re going to see when they all get together this weekend. They’ll choose Aquaman if they’re seeing positive reactions in their social feeds from friends who went to see the film right away.


SOURCE: Deadline