Aquaman Receives “A-” CinemaScore Grade from Audiences


The grade is in and Aquaman has received an “A-” CinemaScore from audiences. CinemaScore surveys Friday night crowds to get their ratings on new releases. Aquaman is the third film in the modern DC Films era (since Man of Steel) to earn an “A-” or better grade.

You can see the CinemaScore grades for all six DCEU films below.

  • Man of Steel (A-)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (B)
  • Suicide Squad (B+)
  • Wonder Woman (A)
  • Justice League (B+)
  • Aquaman (A-)

There is no one piece of data that can paint the entire picture of how much audiences like or dislike a film, but CinemaScore is one of the most-established indicators. Studios pay attention to these ratings and while Warner Bros. would have preferred Aquaman match Wonder Woman‘s “A” grade, an “A-” still suggests audiences are enjoying the film.

Word-of-mouth should be positive enough to make sure Aquaman stays on pace for a $70M-$75M (or better) opening weekend. The movie already brought in $9M last night, raising its domestic total to $13.7M. The additional $4.7M came from preview screenings last Saturday night and this Wednesday.


SOURCE: CinemaScore