Aquaman Swims past $600M Today as It Dives for $1B Worldwide

Aquaman is showing some real swimmers legs at the box office. After earning $22M at the domestic box office on Christmas, the film followed up with another $16.9M yesterday. Aquaman‘s global total through Wednesday was $596M, meaning it will top $600M today.

A new superhero franchise earning $600M with its debut film is impressive enough, but Aquaman can go much higher. It’s a lock to earn well over $700M while it can realistically be expected to cross at least $800M and possibly $900M.

Aquaman might even reach $1B worldwide if it holds on strong enough in North America. It’s already done most of the damage that it’s going to do in China ($246M), even with an extension in that market. The domestic box office will decide whether or not Aquaman joins the billion-dollar club, but it can happen.

This weekend will go a long way in determining where Aquaman will eventually end up. The more Aquaman can retain from its $68M first weekend, the better its billion-dollar chances will be.


SOURCE: Forbes