Deadpool Creator Would Love to see Reynolds as Green Lantern Again

Rob Liefeld, the creator of the comic character Deadpool, has come out with a rather divisive tweet: He wants to see Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday, Liefeld posted his thoughts seemingly unprompted. “I swear to you, I would love to see Ryan as Green Lantern,” he said. “I think it would receive positive reactions. The end credits to Deadpool 2 notwithstanding. Could be massive, just sayin.”

For those that didn’t see Deadpool 2, during the end credits the titular character shot and killed Ryan Reynolds as soon as he finished reading the script for Green Lantern.

This is all very likely a moot point. Reynolds is enjoying fantastic success playing Deadpool now, and Warner Bros. keeps teasing a Green Lantern Corps film is on the way. The likelyhood of Reynolds ever putting on the ring again seems pretty slim to be sure.


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