Joker Named One of 2019’s Most Anticipated Movies in Fandango Poll

Joker doesn’t even have a trailer yet, but it’s already one of the most anticipated films of 2019. It made the top ten in a survey that Fandango conducted for USA Today. Of the ten films on the list, JokerStar Wars: Episode IX, and Spider-Man: Far From Home were the only ones to do so without having an official teaser or trailer released.

Joker came in tenth, which is still remarkable considering there’s been no marketing outside of director Todd Phillips’ Instagram account and some set photos. Audiences haven’t even heard Joaquin Phoenix speak as the title character yet. When they do, Joker will climb any list of most anticipated films.

Shazam! ranked as one of the most anticipated standalone comic book movies, but it did not make the overall top ten. Warner Bros. has some work to do to boost interest in the film, but the studio has time. The major marketing push will begin soon.

As long as Joker is good, Warner Bros. will have nothing to worry about regarding that film. Moviegoers know and love The Joker and the competition won’t be that intense around the movie’s October 4 release date. The awareness and anticipation are already there, so Warner Bros. can count on a big hit, provided the film delivers.