Shazam Director Explains Easter Eggs From the Trailer

It’s becoming clear that Shazam! director David F. Sandberg is taking nothing seriously, and that’s making things a lot of fun.

In the trailer for Shazam! there are two easter eggs pointing to the existence of Batman and Superman, but they seem a little off with the DCEU. Actor Joshua Erenberg (The Green Hornet) tweeted about it, and Sandberg provided an explanation.


“Ok so I saw Aquaman in IMAX,” Erenberg began. “We got the #Shazam trailer. I noticed some things I have questions about. @ponysmasher , Superman doesn’t wear the undies in the DCEU and that isn’t the DCEU Batman logo. So is this film outside of the universe? Is it being rebooted? Or…?”

Sandberg’s response? “In the movie those toy designers all get fired for taking creative license. It’s a big plot point that sets up the villain of Shazam 2.” I would totally see that movie.

Of course, some other Twitter users pointed out that it is not the first time different logos have appeared in the DCEU.

There was at least one easter egg in Man of Steel.

And there was a far more prominent appearance in Suicide Squad.

There are about a million different possible explanations for the differences in the logos. This even happens in the real world with licensing issues, bootlegs, artists renderings and so on.

If we’re already spotting easter eggs like this in just the trailer, it makes you wonder what we’ll end up seeing in the film itself.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019.