New Shazam! Trailer Rumored to Drop in Mid-January

We are just over a couple of weeks out from the second trailer for Shazam!, according to a new rumor. Daniel Richtman, also known as DanielRPK on Twitter, has the trailer dropping on January 19.

Richtman has been accurate on DC and Marvel scoops in the past, including trailer drops. He was the first to claim the Avengers: Endgame trailer would premiere on December 7 of last year and he was right.

January 19 is a Saturday, which is an atypical choice for a trailer drop unless it’s Saturday in Hall H at Comic-Con. Studios occasionally like to advertise new trailers during NFL playoff games, but there won’t be any on the 19th.

Shazam! is due for a second trailer, though, so I believe Richtman is correct or at least in the ballpark of the actual date. The first one debuted several months ago at San Diego Comic-Con and the film is just three months away.

We are going to get a new look at Shazam! relatively soon.