Report: The Batman Production Pushed Back to the End of 2019

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Warner Bros. is eyeing a November 2019 production start on The Batman, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Director Matt Reeves had previously said he hoped to begin principal photography this spring or summer.

THR‘s Borys Kit says that Reeves has turned in his script, but will continue to work on it in the coming months. That matches up with previous reports that Reeves would turn in a new draft by the end of 2018.

Kit also expects, as just about everyone does at this point, that the title role will be recast. Affleck is still reportedly out, but there’s no telling exactly when we’ll learn which actor will wear the cape and cowl next. Obviously, we’ll find out before the film goes into production.

If The Batman does not go in front of cameras until November, it’s odds of being released in 2020 decrease. Warner Bros. doesn’t even need The Batman in 2020 after moving Wonder Woman 1984 to that summer.

Warner Bros. may opt to release The Batman in late 2020. That’s worked out very well for Aquaman. The Batman solo franchise, however, has usually been reserved for summer. Based on WB’s usual patterns, summer 2021 could be a more likely landing spot for The Batman.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter