Shazam! Makes the Cover of Total Film; New Images Released

We are less than three months away from Shazam! It’s just about time for Warner Bros. to bring the marketing train for the film up to full speed. A new trailer is on the way and today, we have new images from Total Film as Shazam! is the publication’s latest cover story.

The cover bills Shazam! as “Superman meets Big,” referring to the Tom Hanks film in which a young boy’s wish to be grown-up is granted. It’s an obvious yet apt comparison that’s been used for Shazam! since before production started.

The images include a different face-off between Shazam (Zachary Levi) and Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong) than we’ve previously seen in other images. The second image features Shazam and Freddy Freeman (Jack Dyland Grazer).

Levi talked about eventual superhero team-ups with Total Film since the film is set in the DCEU. “Shazam would fit,” he said. “The person he’d be closest to is The Flash because of their youth and humor. And we’ve gotta have Shazam and Superman interactions. They’re, like, the same, but totally different…”

Before Shazam can be invited to larger DC parties, his debut film will need to be a hit. It should be exactly that considering the response to the first trailer. If the second is just as good or better, Shazam! will remain on mainstream moviegoers’ radar until its April 5 release.


SOURCE: Total Film