Zack Snyder Shares Graphic Outlining His DCEU Plan; Batman Might Have Died in Justice League 2

We all know the DC Extended Universe we’re seeing today is not exactly what Zack Snyder had in mind. After Man of Steel, Snyder signed on to direct Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and two Justice League films.

Just under three years later, Batman v Superman was blasted by critics and received, at best, a mixed reception from general audiences. Warner Bros. decided to press on with Snyder, but with only one Justice League film that didn’t even match the director’s vision.

DCEU fans were left to wonder what might have been. Now, they can decipher what might have been. Zack Snyder recently shared a graphic on Vero that appears to outline his plan for DC Films. It’s not just a treat for people who like puzzles, however, as this image was created for a good cause.

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The graphic was created as the front of a t-shirt that is being sold on InkToThePeople to raise money for suicide awareness and prevention. Snyder tragically lost his daughter, Autumn, to suicide while Justice League was in post-production and had to step down from the film.

The back of the shirt features the Joseph Campbell quote, “All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you.”

Fans have stepped up in the most meaningful way, by purchasing the shirt to help raise money for a worthy cause. Fans have also done their best to figure out what the graphic means and one interpretation seemed to receive approval from Snyder.

One Vero user named Eric M. Blake commented on the post of another user who was sharing the graphic. “Lois conceives at the farmhouse, where she and Clark catch up on lost time after his resurrection,” Blake wrote.

“And she’s pregnant throughout JL 2,” Blake continued. “Batman saves her by trading gunfire with Darkseid, sacrificing himself to save the world. And she gives birth at the very end, and Lois and Clark name their baby son… Bruce.”

Snyder replied to the comment with an applause emoji. That doesn’t necessarily mean Blake nailed what Snyder was trying to communicate in the graphic, but Blake might have. At the very least, Snyder likes Blake’s idea.

VERO: Zack “hints” at 5-part conclusion depicted on the t-shirt design 🤫 from DC_Cinematic

If this interpretation would have come to pass in the DCEU, then Snyder’s plan would not have been as open-ended as most assumed in the current shared universe era of franchise filmmaking. Batman sacrificing himself would have been the end of Ben Affleck’s portrayal, bringing things full circle from Superman’s sacrifice and death in BvS.

Fans are still commenting on posts related to this graphic, so we’ll have to see if anyone else wins Snyder’s favor with their take. Not to be forgotten, however, is that this was all created to encourage donations to help raise awareness for and prevent suicide.

You can view the front and back of the t-shirt below. It is available at InkToThePeople for another 29 days.